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Apple iPhone's Evolution 


Samsung Galaxy S's Evolution 

The very first iPhone was released on 29th June 2007 and it was called the iPhone 2G. After almost 14 years later they have introduced their very latest iPhone 12 models. Some say Apple has never changed the use interface of the iOS but at the same time when an Apple user uses a different model, they instantly will know the difference. Apple has come ahead in the mobile phone industry and so have the competitors. Keeping up with technology isn’t easy anymore and having other brands release not just 2-3 phones per year Apple still manages to keep its client base and successfully selected hands up in the tech world.

Samsung is another huge brand when it comes to technology as they don't just invent phones but they have other line ups too. But we will discuss their Galaxy S's evolution. The very first Galaxy S was launched in 2010 and ever since that year Samsung has done everything to make their phones better with the size and with the storage capacity and the camera. In the android operating system, Samsung did do wonders with their Galaxy S series smart phones and today their latest Galaxy S phone is called S 21 Ultra5G and this one has a lot under its hood. It has a 108MP camera at the back and a 40MP camera in the front. Now that's going ahead in the smart phone world and trying to tap into the world of professional camera, yes we simply cannot compare the two but can you image a smartphone that you carry in your pocket has 108MP camera? Yes its real and we can only expect more from these tech giants.

Gopro's Evolution


MacBook Pro's Era


The first GoPro came out in September 2004 and ever since the brand has made several action cameras and have also encountered other competition and still managing to beat them and come up with some great action camera. Today the latest action camera to their addition is the HERO 9. They have managed to capture life moments and also make peoples lives their adventures again and again just by looking at what they have captured. Something that small can capture some great deal of pictures and videos. GoPro as a company not just manufactures their own camera but also develops its own mobile apps and video-editing software. This small camera gets all sorts of goodies that you can attach to it and make one heck of an action camera to capture all sorts of actions you want to venture in life. Rain, snow, storm, wind and much much more doesn't allow this action camera to stop it will continue to capture some raw footages whilst you’re doing all sorts of adventures.

Apple never seems to stop and they definitely have some tricks up their selves. MacBook Pro was first introduced in 2006 and it came in a 15inch model and then soon that year a 7inch was announced. Fifteen years later Apple decided to change the world to technology and introduce their own M1 chip for the new line up of MacBook Pro. We all love different things for different reasons but most people choose to go with other laptop brands due to the fact that Apple is a little on the higher price tag. However there's a reason to it and that's because of the quality that you get with it. An Apple laptops life snap is more than most laptops not just in its build quality but also in its Performance you pay that high price tag and your all set with a laptop that will last you years to come. Going back to the M1 processor and the new MacBook Pro, for all the gamers, developers and beginners who wants a decent sized computer that performs at its peak, then this new MacBook Pro will blow your mind. It simply shows how hard Apple has been working on delivering the fastest MacBook Pro ever and I'm sure with this new M1 chip we have more surprises to come.

Apple Watch's Evolution

Most of us wear a watch to check the time for daily use. Then there are some who love a certain brand and then there are a few that want more from a watch. The first Apple Watch was released in 2015. Apple decided to do more for your wrist whilst other brands had more features on their watch. Apple decided to stick by their roots and do what they always do best and that is get more advanced with its technology. Today they have their series 6 that is the most recent and the top-of-the-line Apple Watch. Now you can not only tell the time but can do so much more with a simple watch on your hand. From tracking your sleep to washing your hands it does it all and they say that Apple are working on adding some more features to their next watch. They come in 2 sizes depending on your wrist size you can pick one for you. People with medical conditions should consider an Apple Watch so that you can track what is required and what is permitted on your Apple Watch to ensure that you are keeping safe and healthy at the same time.

Apple iPads Evolution 

Apple decided to get into the iPad sector and release its very first iPad in 2010. Ever since that iPad came out, they have worked hard and tried to make it almost like a replacement for a laptop and an affordable price. Now finally with the new line up of the iPad Pro's you actually can do it, you can replace your laptop and have an iPad Pro instead as it can do everything that your laptop can and in fact it can do more and when I say more, I mean you can travel lighter as iPad Pro does take up much room in your hand luggage and it’s easier to travel with. Yes, there are some cons when it comes to certain software’s that are available for a full-sized computer that are not yet on the iPad Pro series and I'm sure Apple is already working on it whilst you read this. That being said Apple does have great editing software that works really well on the iPad Pro series and that is its Garage band, iMovie and a few more. There are a few accessories that you can add up to the new iPad Pro line ups and that will definitely change the way you have been looking at an iPad. Apple will definitely blow our minds with the next launch but for now this is one of the fastest tablets in the markets now.